May 26, 2013

5/26/13 ( Introducing The Future Mr. & Mrs. A!!!)

Hello everyone! We are officially home from our vacation to Florida. It was simply amazing. It really felt like a true vacation.   But more on that later your ready for the juicy news right?

First off do you know how long I have waited to write this post? The tittle the words I am going to write.. these thoughts have been swirling through my head all this week.   I am pleased to announce that.. 

On May 20th 2013 In Tampa, Florida........ WE GOT ENGAGED!

               The Future Mr & Mrs. A!!!!!!

I decided to wait a week to post for the sake of  Us announcing the wonderful news to close family & friends first  & also taking the time to enjoy this wonderful time to ourselves & enjoy our vacation.

I knew this season was coming... I have been patiently waiting on it. I always admired my friends who entered the amazing seasons of Engagement, Marriage & Motherhood. When I was younger and all these years I dreamed and thought of the moment where the  special guy would get down on his knee and ask me to be his wife. I always knew it would happen & at times it was hard to wait. Yet I just prayed and did my best to be patient and guess what? My beautiful season has arrived and it couldn't have come at a better time, it was the perfect time...

                                               1 Carat in White Gold , Simple,Classic, Perfect..

The time has come for me to become a Bride, who will then become a Wife to a truly amazing Man, I tear up as I write this because this man really has made my dreams come true. I have many and  he is working on All of them. God has truly blessed me tremendously with Him & I see Gods love for me in this man everyday.

I will (Officially) be the Woman in charge of my own home & of my family. His helpmeet & the mother of his children that carry on his name. I will change my name starting with a V to a name starting with a A. I used to wish my name had an A when I was school when it came to going by the alphabet.. ( now look). To be a man's Wife is one of the greatest honors us Women have besides a Mother. God made it clear that its our season now.. 

 The Proposal  story will come later as well as more pics.  Please Pray that our New season in life is Blessed...
Thank you!


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