December 27, 2012

12/27/12 ( Well Hello to You too!)

HELLO!!!!! How was your Holiday? I've been chilling on blogging & store business this week, as you know, you need to take time & chill.

So here is a recap of the past week.

  • I wasn't able to make it home for Holiday, which was pretty sad , my mother is moving soon to Texas, so this was our last Holiday with all of our family before the move.
  • My little sister's Quince was this week! On Saturday, her Sweet 15! Its a big thing in our culture.. I am so proud of her.
                                        My sister with her Padrino ( God Father)


  • The Mr. & I actually didnt go to his family's house for Christmas. We just stayed in & enjoyed each other, which included watching movies & being sngguled in bed.  Which was perfect for me . :)
  • I have all this week off, which I have been enjoying, actually getting Great, full sleep & just being home. 
  • Opened up my online book store Love Books
  • Got some orders in from the shops which is always amazing..

That is pretty much it! Its been pretty chill but its cool, Mr. is winding down his last week in his current position , as next week he starts his new job!

How was your Holiday?

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