December 14, 2012

Those children are with God......12/14/12 (RIP Newton)

I am not a parent yet I pray that one day I will be . I do have young sisters, I do have 6 God daughters who are young, around of the ages of the 20 children that were murdered. I say murder because that's what they were, Killed for NO reason. Watching the news, the pics, has me crying. Are our children safe anywhere?! We send them to school for a education not to get killed.

This makes me want to try even more to make it so I can be a housewife & honestly home school my children. Granted we are not technically safe anywhere, but I mean c'mon. I pray to Jehovah Jireh that I NEVER have to get a call, or go through the loss of my child . I cant imagine getting a call saying there was a shooting at my children's school.

Those of you that read my blog should know my family & I have a strong faith in God, I know those children are with God now, which is the safest place for them. I pray & know he is comforting those who are suffering as I also pray they go to Him.

Rest In Peace to all 26 children & adults who were foolishly murdered by someone who needed God. I pray for the shooters family as well, they are dealing with a loss & the truth of what their son did.

I also applaud our President Obama, who spoke to our Nation not as a Politician, President, etc but as a FATHER . He spoke to us as a FATHER who feels this loss with us as a Nation, with that he earns more of my Respect.

Hug your children tighter, love more deeply, let them know you love them & be thankful you have them, because their are 20 families that no longer have children to do that. Instead of planning Christmas presents & dinners, 26 families are now planning funerals.

You ALL reading this, my enemies, my friends & families.... I always pray , will pray for you tonite. May you NEVER experience this loss. Parents should NEVER have to bury their child.


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