December 12, 2012

12/11/12 ( What Jerk would do such a thing)

I know our world is not perfect, I know that danger can come to us anytime, anywhere. Yet It saddens me when the dangerous part of the world touches my world.  Yesterday I got a disturbing text from Mr. after 4pm. It said that my father in law was robbed at gunpoint & my mother in law was at the police station. I then got another word from him saying that my father in law was beaten over the head with the robbers gun.

My father in law ( Mr.'s Father ) is about 72 yrs old, he is a cab driver, yet besides that he is a Senior Citizen! This isn't the first time a family member of mine was robbed. My father about 4-5 yrs ago was robbed at gunpoint by a guy who was suppose to be a friend of mine.  When I heard of this news  about my father in law I was saddened, worried, upset, crying... We didn't know how bad the injury was , so during that time of "not knowing" of course you think of all these things, adding on top he is a senior citizen, me being in the medical field I know even small injuries can be bad for Seniors.

After an hour we got word that the head injury seemed minor but he was still going to the hospital to get checked.  All I know is our family is Grateful for God watching over him..

I pray that A$$ hole ( excuse my language) is caught, I pray he doesn't rob or hurt ANYONE else. I know its the Holiday season & my father was in a vulnerable position being a cabbie & all but that does NOT excuse such lewd, wrong behavior.  Ive been on the end of receiving violence, its not fun .  Anyway.... done with my rant, & Thank you to all who seen my tweets yesterday on Twitter & texted me,Tweeted me offering my family their concern & comfort.

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  1. I hope your father-in-law makes a speedy recovery.

    It angers me that people these days are so thoughtless that they'd attack an old man for what? A few dollars. Sickening. :(

  2. God thing to hear your father in law is fine! That makes me angry too

  3. Santana, I'm so angry that people resort to violence and always pick the most vulnerable. I'm glad to hear your father-in-law is recovery quickly. I'm your newest follower via Blog Working Wednesdays. My name is Jenni, btw! I hope you have a great day!

  4. That is terrible! I hope that your father-in-law recovers soon and is doing well. So angering that stuff like this happens, and especially to a senior citizen. :(


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