December 23, 2012

12/23/12 ( There are some things you just cant do as a Couple)

Hey guys, so this is a post of realization. Realization that you cant do everything as a couple. there are just some things, that although simple, you just cant do as a couple.

Ours in Grocery Shopping... Yep .... just doesn't work for us....

Mr: He likes to go in & basically rush & grab stuff on the list. Not always looking at deals & price.

Me: I like to take my time, I have a list, I don't list everything because some things I just know I'm getting. My list is more to remind me to get certain things, I shop on deals & compare the best price. I just don't like rushing in anything I do...

One thing we have in common is that we both like shopping in the early morning or late at night when the store is stocked & empty.

This morning we went shopping, I always ask him to go with me & this time he did. After 5 mins in the store he was rushing & like "c'mon, lets go" yep we ended up exchanging words, I hate being rushed , I don't care who you are, dont rush me.  Needless to say after the trip we were erked at each other. I ended up NOT getting some things I wanted because of being rushed.  It was great getting help with the groceries.. but next time..... he will stay home & wont say anything... lmbo!

We have been laughing it off all day because of course we didn't take anything to heart... we just do things differently that's all & that's okay, as a couple there are differences, that's what makes the relationship. It would be boring if everything was the same.  I appreciate the difference.

Of course we can shop the Farmers market together just not the grocery store... hahahaha

At the end of the day I'm glad he came... my big strong Mr. to carry all the bags & do the heavy lifting... lol... Besides its just food shopping it wont be the end of the world... ;)

Have a great Holiday!

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