December 10, 2012

Monday Catchup- 12/10/12 ( Micheal Kors & Sephora)

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty cool, I got lots of rest which I so needed.

The Mr. gave me my Christmas gifts early... which is totally fine... I knew he couldn't wait.. lol Besides I am loving playing & using my gifts all month long!

I got some computer stuff & he got me a Limited edition HUGE makeup palette set by Sephora
( he knows his woman doesn't he?) & he also got me a Micheal Kors watch... Its so funny, I wanted a watch but I always told myself I would want a Micheal Kors watch because I love the styles & they are beautiful yet expensive.. haha I am so spoiled by him...  I always tell him, you know exactly what my style is.. I didn't even tell him what kind of watch I wanted. We're connected.. I know.. *smile* I am so blessed to have him & I just don't mean because of the things I get from him.. I mean because of all he does.. I don't ever ask for anything from him.. After all, this man provides my shelter, make sure im protected, make sure  have food, clothing, all the basics I need. so this fancy stuff is just extra.

Besides that......

Now im just waiting on my lip balm labels ... they should be coming in today, I am so excited , the designer did a great job on them & to see them in person is going to be so cool.  How was your weekend? Tell me about it!


  1. Glad you had a lovely weekend. Your gifts are beautiful, I absolutely love your watch! I've told myself the same about Michael Kors watches, beautiful but pricey. Glad you got one. :)

    Just a heads up, I've merged my blogs and you are actually following me on a blog that is no longer used and will shortly be deleted. Would love it if you could follow along on the active blog now.




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