April 26, 2012

M.P - A Man of God & Hip Hop

You cant tell by his appearance maybe not even in the way he talks. He looks just like any other young man in the world, Tattoos & all but when you sit down & talk to him and really have an conversation with him, you quickly realize he is different, his mindset may shock you but by time you walk away from the conversation your thinking about your life & God.


M.P is a man of God and he isn't afraid to tell you either.  You can call him all the usual names Jesus freak, religious, etc but he would probably take them in stride & tell you yes I am that, & that and all that.

I stumbled across this Godly man probably about over a year ago on Twitter, having a mutual Twitter friend in common we connected. You would think since I am a female & he is a male the conversation would be different & on another topic, but the conversation quickly turned to God & our struggles with our walks with Him & of course it went into his music in which he raps about GOD. You heard that right. GOD. & let me tell you... you would be surprised.

I love his passion, his fire that he has on God, He doesn't and has never claimed to be perfect, he admits his mistakes & judges no one. You can clearly hear his struggle & passion on his records. One great song that expresses his struggle & triumph is his record called "Burden" .  Through out our friendship I have had the privilege of listening to his music "First Hand" & discussing with him his muse & inspiration for his songs.

"Intercession" is another great song about prayer & asking God to listen to us. When listening to his music you can almost hear his heart that he has for God. "No Limits" is one of those songs when you need to feel like your "going to the top"  " I got no limits, my standards are all high" one of my fave lines from the song. This young man just doesnt talk the talk but he does his best to walk the walk.

If your into Hip Hop or looking for something new & refreshing, looking for a true artist then you have to check out M.P . He is showing & spreading the word of God the only way he knows how- through his music. This young man is taking on the world and ignoring all the naysayers, the only person this man is trying to pleasing is GOD.

Check M.P out along with the rest of his music HERE where you can also download some of his songs for free. Also follow M.P on Twitter where puts out that "Real Talk" & lets you know about his new music first.
Enjoy, Tel him Santana Sent ya..

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