March 14, 2012


So i have been doing Zumba fitness for about 3 weeks now & let me tell you i have been trying to not let my money go to waste! I don't have a problem with the workout, its really just me. I have a laziness problem. I admit it.  This problem affects things that i really want to do. 

I workout about every other day, 1 day workout, 1 day rest. Plus i have a crazy hip pain issue so after my workouts my hip is sore, i don't want to overwork it & make it worse so i rest my hip the day after.  
Last week though was such a off week for me, i was soooooo lazy when it came to my workouts. Up until yesterday i didn't work out for like 4 days. 

Yesterday i layed in bed after sleeping for like most of the day debating rather or not to work out. At the end i decided i would, i spent money to buy it, i don't want  to become so lazy to do it, i have to reach my goal, Those were the things i was saying to myself.  I also remembered the one time i almost didn't work out because i had a bad headache, but i still got my butt up and worked out anyway. At the end of the workout, my headache was no more!

I have to say i am glad i got my but up, i  had a good workout which i am so feeling today & i felt so proud of myself not to mention my body felt good. Now that I'm thinking about it, i think ill squeeze in a 20 min workout today!
acuérdate de mí, yo estaba aquí, me encantó, se rió, oró y vivió. Estoy Santana 
(remember me ,i was here, I loved,laughed,prayed & lived. I am Santana)

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