March 13, 2012


Why is it so hard for me to just settle on one thing and be happy with it? I mean when it comes to blogging, I am so undecided! More with templates & layouts. I mean i want people to come and read my blog & want to keep coming back. I know people read your blog based on how its looks as well, i should know i do this ALOT, i am not saying its right, but i mean if a good blog design catches my eye then i tend to wanna stay and look around.

The second thing  to wanna have is good content, that which i am struggling on. It may not seem so on this blog, but Ive actually had this blog running for going on 2 years, & twice already i have deleted all my posts. numerous times i have changed the layout, templates. content. All because i haven't been happy with it. I want a blog i can be proud of. This hasn't been it.

Now my Beauty blog i have been extremely proud of. I had it before but took it down after like a few months. Then a few months later i redid everything MAJOR OVERHAUL i became determined to make it work & something i could be proud of. I did, and in the process i have grown a passion for writing about beauty & excited to work towards making CurlyGirlBeauty a brand.

That's the same thought i had about this blog, i renamed it CurlyGirlLife & went to blogging, but my passion for writing soon fizzled. It was like a chore writing here. I don't want that to happen. This my first blog ever in the web world & this is the blog i had so many hopes & dreams for. Needless to say i am giving it another shot.

Gone are all my posts, gone are templates, layouts, pics,name, everything. The type of content is gone too. I always wanted to have like a magazine kind of blog , where you go by topics- Lifestyle, Fitness, etc.  To write content that I WANT TO, regardless of i lose or gain readers.Ive always wanted to incorporate my Lifestyle blog & beauty blog to 1in a sense while still keeping it separate. I think i may have a way to do that.

But i am happy to say that i think i may be reaching that point, where i am in love with my Blog look, contents & everything else, & I am excited.. I'm going to work really hard to get this blog right, i want to be proud.

I'm just getting things to the way i like em...

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