March 3, 2012


Many years ago in Washington D.C a young baby boy was born, he spent his early childhood there. From there he went all the way across the world to England where he spent his childhood & teen years between Europe & Nigeria. At the tender age of 18 he came back to the U.S & attended Howard University.

After many years of growing into a mature man he met a crazy curly haired girl & fell in love.
This man is mine, & today is his birthday, the day the Lord brought this wonderful man into the world.
To this day i don't know what i do without him. He has been such a blessing in my life.

He is a great protector, provider & great man. i can not wait till the day i can call him my husband, to have his children to carry his name. he has been amazing boyfriend. All i want to do is make is day spacial for him.

Today we will celebrate with family & cake, his beloved Nigerian food his mother cooked for him. I will say a prayer to him to bless his new year of life. we will thank God. I will thank God for blessing me with another year with this amazing man.

To my Mr,
I love you very much & thank you for being for who you are. For being the man i always wanted & never knew i needed. You are a blessing to everyone, including me.
Happy Birthday!


  1. Awwww, thanks baby!!! You are my world and I am eager to grow old with you.

    Love always Mr.


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