March 22, 2012


Sometimes i just look at this blog and ask " why do i even have this anymore?" its been 2 years, ive changed names, layouts numerous times, deleted it i dont know how many times. The content been crazy. I dont know, i dont have as much passion to write here as i do my other blog. I like blogging though.

You ever have the feeling to where you absoulty feel like your not good enough for anything, or anybody. Thast how i been feeling, i wont go into detail because most of yall dont need to know. I plan on praying about it of course, although i know the course of action i need to take. I am just too lazy to do it, which is bad.  But i am getting to the point to where i am tired of all the BS that is in my life that i have allowed for so long.  In shutdown mode that is where i am at the moment.

I have goals for  my life and for this year, some major changes are coming and i am so excited for them, they are major, but they need work to make it happen.

For the moment i just want to lay in bed, lay with my Mr. enjoy one another, figure out what i wanna do.


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