July 31, 2013

Well Hello again ( 7/31/13)

Well Its been a while since I have updated here.  You know I write when I have the urge too. & truth be told Ive had many points where I wanted to write and had ideas or thoughts but just didn't write it down.

All is okay I guess, we have received some family news that is taking us a while to get used too. I wont reveal it but just please keep our family  in your prayers.  Only God can handle this.

I have just been blogging on CGB and doing some research because in the Fall I want to repackage and possibly add new products to the shop.

I also found out I wont be selling mark. anymore due to them  fully merging with Avon & changing rules, etc  anyway they gave us less then a month to close up shop, after Aug 8th all mark. reps are either a Avon rep or  nothing..  Since I know I wont have  Avon orders every week  & that Im not really interested in Avon I will be stopping.  sadly.

School starts soon & so I am getting my mind prepared for that.  I am also hoping to get Engagement pics done this fall. since it doesn't look like we will get them done this summer.

No new news on wedding planning, some other big things have taken over that for now, which is fine...  no rush..  but of course Ill keep yall updated!

well TTYL!

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