January 26, 2013

1/26/13 ( One busy woman)

You know last semester I was full time in school, My work load was manageable yet I didn't think it was heavy. This semester though I spend hours day & night doing assignments, looking up articles, summarizing, etc.  I wrote down all my assignments last week & I was like "Dang! I have alot of work!"

Not to mention while studying I have to make sure my house is order, cleaning, laundry i also have a guy to take care of , cooking, etc.  Its a juggle but I know some ppl have children to add on top so I really count my blessings.  This week the Mr. has been off work which has been nice, he has been helping to straighten up the house & we even ordered out for dinner a few times which was nice, I got the nite off from cooking thus more time to study & do my work. 

I find that Im attempting to find a proper schedule that works for me concerning everything, At nite I try to do homework but Ill be tired so i try to just do things that will keep me awake.  When I get home I start doing work & then I need to sleep for a few hours because Im so tired. I have realized that if I go to sleep once I get home for a couple of hours I wake u & I am more energized & ready to do school.  its a process but I am really determined to get good grades this semester.. 

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