July 11, 2013

Pro-Life or Pro-Choice ?

Ok this is an honest post...  I really dont care how any one else feels on this because this is my thoughts.  I am sick & tired of hearing about Texas & the abortion bill.  First off why is anyone surprised this is going on in Texas? I mean really? Besides that..

Second...  I don't care for all the details and that isn't my issue here.  My issue is that abortion is not a form a birth control or is a way to erase a mistake that your responsible for. I am NOT talking about  medically  needed abortions ( whole different topic)  & I dont care to address that.

To me its simple..  besides extreme cases which is not being discussed here, When you have Sex you ACCEPT ALL THE RESPONSIBILITIES that come with having sex & YES that includes getting pregnant.  Because YOU dont  want a baby because your young, no money , etc OH WELL. You choose to lay down  and have sex, you chose not to use proper precautions, you chose that person.  I am a firm believer in the fact YOU put YOURSELF in YOUR OWN SITUATIONS.   Pregnancies can be avoided.

I am all for EDUCATION.. KNOWLEDGE is POWER.  I personally feel so many women want the choice for abortions as a safe escape for whatever reason.  I also know how Planned Parenthood ( by a complete racist ) got started and that Abortions are BIG BUSINESS AND MONEY MAKERS.

At the end of the day these are my thoughts and if you want to know , YES i am against Abortion.  Your killing a child, plain & freakin simple..  I  dont care about your science or arguments..  A baby has to die because it doesn't fit into your life? GTFOH ..

At the end of it we SHOULD have the CHOICE I agree by laws..  I just hope the choice is NOT to do  that at all.  I do commend all the ppl on BOTH SIDES who fights for what they believe in & what they feel is right. Its amazing.

I dont always voice my thoughts on such hot topics because I become very passionate.. but I had too.

Any of my readers  whatever side your on.. that is perfectly fine with me.. I have family members who chose abortion & I still love them, i dont look down on them. That was their choice and I respect it.

But who says I have to like everything? hahah..