May 3, 2013

5/3/13 ( God continues to have us in his arms)

I swear.. every time... God always provides for us.. Always ya hear me.. don't ever doubt him.. if you honestly trust him then he WILL provide & come through. He is the only one true thing you can count on. 

The Mr. has been wanting to find a new job since this new one hasn't been working out for personal reasons. Its been so bad he cant stand it there, but he has told me several times that the reason he hasn't just quit is because he has me now & he knows his responsibility. I have to admire him for that.. He can be like "screw this im leaving"  & have me work & pay it all.  He knows Ive been in this situation before & that this is a fear of mine.  Im so blessed that I have a man that takes the time to try not to be selfish & thinks of his family.

I have even offered to take on a second job but he wasn't hearing that AT ALL. He always says " I am the one who should be taken on a second job & stress not you"  How sweet.

Anyway he had a phone interview today & they offered him a job but he has to go through training first & then test to actually get the job.  The kicker is they are putting him in  hotel during his 3 months of training, even though they have training In State he has to stay in a hotel which means, I will be by ,myself during the week but on the weekends he can come home.  That also means we have to figure out a car situation since we only have one & I still need to go to work. I tell him I can take the Metro to work , but he wont have that ether. 

So its also paid training which is great.. Once we get back from Vacay he will have a week to get things together the start. I know I am excited..  I am so happy & proud of him.  I am excited for this new journey.  It just goes to show that if you put your faith in God, he Always come through. 

Every time we needed something, God has always provided...  Amazing.

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