March 13, 2013

Recipe: Beef Sausage & Peppers

Hello! I've been wanting to do a recipe post for a while but every time I cook I always forget the cam, & I want to take god pics so I don't use the phone..  So when cooking yesterdays dinner I remembered my camera & took pics while cooking.  Yay me ;)

This recipe is simple & I'm sure almost any man ( who is a meat eater ) will enjoy.  Its mixed & cooked with mixed peppers & mushrooms, of course you can add or subtract anything you choose to fit the needs/wants of your family. I served this over steamed white rice & it was mighty good,not to mention it didn't take long at all ( except for the rice which takes 45 mins in my steamer, but I used leftover rice from day before).

Let me know how yall like the pics & how I display the recipes, so I know if I should change it up! & let me know if you have made this or what you add or take away! Enjoy!


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  1. mmm this looks so yummy and easy too! Unfortunately my bf hates veggies except for broccoli and peas. I am SO tired of broccoli and peas! haha. I could totally make this for my lunches tho =)


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