March 12, 2013

3/11/13 ( School is Over!)

Well this semester ended Sunday... I think I passed my classes expect math.. Im kind of disappointed in myself.. I gave up early on... I hate math.. I mean... I feel like im dumb or something when it comes to math. anyway.. Im glad this semester is over! Im so over writing papers, doing 3 -6 exams every week... im ready for a break... lol

Monday I just lazy, recorded some videos for YT, did a load of laundry... was just kind of lazy...  I expect to get some rest on Tuesday.. It was so nice NOT having to worry about getting school work done. 

I kind of feel behind of taking care of the house so I need to get that in order.. Also Im anxious to spend  some quality weekend time with Mr. , past several weekends Ive been in the living room doing homework. last weekend I felt bad because during the week we dont spend much time together, so weekends are "our time" .  Since warm days are coming up, hopefully we can get some nice Day rides in ... a past time of ours.. 

So now I will be looking into when I want to go back to school. I may wait till fall but we shall see. I applied for Aid, so we shall see what comes. 

Thank you to all of your for your words of encouragement.. really meant a lot...  So anyway.. how was yall weekends?

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  1. Congratulations! Following from The Stuff of Success via the GFC Blog Hop - Have a terrific day - Athena


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