May 13, 2013

5/13/13 ( Vacay week is here!)

How was your weekend and Mothers Day to all the Mothers? I hope your weekend was well.

Well this week is Vacay week! Friday we are leaving to Florida for a week of fun with family.. I am so happy to be going back to Florida after all  I did live there for 7 months and I do consider it a home.  I made Mr. promise that we go to Disney. lol

Our weekend was well. Friday I got my new phone! yay baby! I got the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, this sucker is big but I love it! I have been enjoying all weekend and I am happy to be back with Android ( sorry Blackberry) . I forgot what kind of apps there is and also discovering some new ones. I can now Instagram way more now.. yea..

Saturday Mr. went to the dealership because we got a recall notice in for our car, then he ran some errands. He surprised me with flowers, Peach roses..  I just love when he does surprise things like this... Love it..  BTW follow me on Instagram at @SheisSantana 

On Sunday we went to visit his mother and spent time with her. It was nice visit.  Now that its Monday we are discussing the final details of the trip. His cousin is suppose to come with & drive with us, but now it may be looking like its just us, which is fine either way. we are still going. lol We may now be taking our car instead of renting, we just didn't want to put miles on our car and have something more comfortable. But we are thinking our car is more cost effective & more so since its probably just us.  Either way  Im fine. 

What are your plans for the week? Don't forget to shop this week at ShopCurlyGirlBeauty im offering Free shipping on any $20 orders..

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  1. Have fun out vacation! And congrats on the new phone! I'm so bad with instagram...always forget about it for some reason haha.


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