January 8, 2013

1/7/13 (Late Monday Catch-up)

hello yall, Sorry this post is late, I have been busy with working with a couple sponsors for my beauty blog.. Such a business woman, lol  I am so happy these companies are choosing to work with me,

This weekend was nice, We relaxed & of course we started our fast, Thank you to all who have commented & showed your support. It has been going well.  We have been doing only 1 meal a day. I don't want to eat & just drink water but my blood sugar tends to get low  , so Ive have allowed myself to eat at least one meal a day or snack on fruits or something. If I feel I can go without then I do. of course Mr. rather me eat. lol

Sunday he woke me up & stated we were going to church, which I was excited about. We had a great service which was filled with lots of prayer & praise.

This week Im just waiting for my textbooks to arrive since school starts next week on Monday.
I also started to take down my Holiday deco.

Mr. started his training this week at his new position, its seems to be going well. I told him I plan on taking him out to dinner hopefully this weekend to celebrate his new job.

How was your weekend?

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