January 9, 2013

Im just trying to understand Women ..Where is Modesty?

I mean, I just dont understand....
This is going to be a blunt post, Im going to be real, Heck I always try to keep it real...

I hear women rant & rave how they are tired, get tired of men looking at them like sexual objects & all this crap, they have respect for themselves. yet your dress  showing off private parts of your body, you dance very sexually & so forth.

I watched a video on Youtube on 2 women called the Twerk team or something like that. They basically make money shaking their ass, yes I said it. You see that's all they do. It makes me think.

Is that ALL you can really do well? IS that the only thing that can make you money?

Granted they are branching out & doing other projects, & dont get me wrong, i don't knock anyone's hustle of making a living. Yet it does bother me when women overly sexify themselves to make money. To me it looks like you have no respect for your body.  Period. I dont care how you look at it.

Where did Modesty go? Why is showing ALL of our body such a power trip?

Women why do you get mad when men look at you in a total sexual way, as sex objects when you knowingly show your ass & dress or very little dress?

Believe it or not the way you ACT & DRESS really reflects the way you feel about yourself & how you want to be treated.

To me its sad... Women have NO respect for themselves anymore.
For me, Its hard for me to respect women like that.

Of course im not talking about every woman out there, we are all not the same.  Please dont take offense & if your choose to not follow this blog anymore that is fine as well.

Ill stop now...


  1. Love this post! Just found your cute blog through the blog hop. I'm a new follower. Hope you'll stop by sometime!


  2. Thanks for stopping by the blog hop! Would love for you to follow along :)



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