January 2, 2013

1/1/13 (Getting my Feet Planted)

So in a matter of a week & a half, School will be starting up again.  So I'm in the process of getting school supplies back together & getting my head in the game to be a study machine.  I am also really thinking & getting my head into the idea of doing a 21 day fast that my church is having.

At last Sunday's service I was really motivated & I felt called to do this fast. My issue is i know my will power & I'm afraid that I wont last. I also have to make sure my sugar doesn't drop during the fast, I don't have Diabetes but I have been told I have Mild Hypoglycemia, so sometimes my blood sugar drops & I get real shaky & confused. It happened this past Saturday & freaked Mr. out pretty bad.

I feel I could really use this time to concrete on my God , I have some big things to pray over.

I just have many BIG things going on & I really want to do them right. Thus I'm getting my "feet planted" to I can be ready...

What About You?

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