August 17, 2013

Time for a change, Tone it Up Nutrition Plan ( 8/16/13)

Happy August!

I know I haven't been updating here as much. I have been focusing on other things.

So Mr. A & I have decided to really pursue clean eating.  We have discussed this many times but I think we are actually ready.  When your really ready then you can do whatever you want.

I recently this week purchased the Tone it Up Nutrition plan by the Tone it Up girls, Karina & Katrina.

I have been eyeing the plan for a while now but never really could make the plunge for the money to buy it.

its $150.00 for a plan that is immediately sent to your email to download. which is great because you don't have to wait. You don't pay for nothing more & have lifetime access to all recipes, community,etc.  Many print their out. Which I have also done, its about 184 pages & then I bought a pink binder ( so girly) & then I made a book of it.

Photo: Just printed off my new @toneitup  plan! New member so excited!  Now ro recruit my fiancé. . *grin*

I really love how in the plan they give you a nice wealth of info on why you should eat healthy  & what to eat. It doesn't at all come across as an "Diet" & actually they never call it that. They call it a Nutrition plan, to eat "Clean,Lean & Green"  It really makes you excited.

I have never tried anything like this before, I realize that even though the desire to eat "healthy" has always been there it was the knowledge I was missing. I really want to start my marriage being healthy & being a confident women & wife.

Mr. A has also the desire to be more healthy, ( Lord knows I need him around for a while)  We decided that starting this week we are cracking down.  Good thing I haven't went food shopping yet, we are going this weekend to stock up.

I will be starting the "7 day slim down" which in the program is recommended to start your body on the program.  I will more & likely be following the program as Mr. A will not be, unless he decides to.

I am excited & this time really feels different.  ( what other times were there?, None)  I just feel like im ready & its time. Im tired of the this body..  I tired of being tired due to my work schedule, Diabetes runs in the family, High BP, I don't want that..  I want to make sure im healthy for myself, my future husband ( who doesn't want to look hot at their wedding?) & be a healthy vessel to carry our children.  I firmly believe that what you EAT has a huge effects on diseases & fertility, etc.

anyway.. that is enough for now! I will try to blog about my journey.. would you want to hear about it?

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