August 21, 2013

7 Day Slim Down Day ( 1 & 2)

Ok so I know I am late with my updates.  I have been tired & also been trying to get this school work underway.

Day 1: 
The first day was definitely my body getting used to having less food . I did my morning workout &  had  a silmdown scramble & did pretty well with having the 5 meals.  I didn't make a protein shake as the plan says because I wanted green juice & I didn't have any bananas frozen yet. I also made sure I did my afternoon workout as well & had chicken & spinach for dinner.  I admit I felt always hungry but I did eat every 2 hours.  I don't blame me on being hungry I really feel when your body is used to eating one way for so many years then you do a drastic change with smaller portions & less heavy foods your body is like " ummm yea that was nice but where is the food?" lol

Day 2: This was a off day, I did my morning workout I had a protein pancake that ended into a billion pieces lol.. it was still good. Tasted just like banana bread.  I ended up falling asleep ( I work nights) so I missed meals 2-4 so I just ended up eating meal 5 which was  baked chicken & spinach & mushrooms.   still juiced though & did my afternoon workouts.

Photo: M4: instead of a protein shake im doing green juice. Celery, ,Spinach, Banana, a few Strawberries.    #TIUmeals #7DSD #TIUPlan #ToneItUp

Pros: So far I kind of like that I am eating every 2 hours, it keeps you eating & your eating good stuff so it makes you feel better.   I also like trying new recipes or mixing things up.  I don't feel sluggish after i eat either.

Cons:  Having my body get used to 2 workouts a day & eating the small portions. I feel as Im always hungry but I know my body will get used to it. Also its a mental thing. You cant always think " im hungry, that wasn't enough" . I also work nites which I have noticed can cause a problem.  I get hungry at night, so I do pack some carrots & Almond butter & a handful of fruit & of course water. I did eat a salad on Day 2 at night because I was extra hungry.  But I know after time my body will get used to NOT eating a full meal at 1 am .

Things I have learned: That I am looking at food like " that pizza is so not healthy" and some foods I am starting to easily turn down.  I know I feel better about myself knowing that I am eating healthy foods & getting workouts..

Some IG pics of my meals :  IG @curlygirlfitness
Photo: M4: salad with mixed greens, tomatoes & a small piece of chicken  cut up cooked in a lil grapessed oil seasoned with pepper.  Drink: Water  #TIUmeals #TIUPlan #ToneItUp #7DSD

Photo: M5: pan cooked chicken seasoned with pepper,  steamed spinach and a handful of grapes. #TIUmeals #TIUPlan #ToneItUp #7DSD


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