April 11, 2012


Its so trivial sometimes how we take some things in life, how we treat them. Like they happen everyday. So normal. The way we treat people, how we view our life,what choices we make. Our life period. To think that someone went through HELL just so we can live our life so freely.  Jesus

Yea so what if i voluntary watched Passion of the Christ last nite at work. I kind of felt like i needed to. Like something was telling me i needed to be reminded of the privileged life i lead. Yea i don't have a million dollars, fancy cars, high cost clothes, but i will tell you what i do have....... Food, shelter,clothes,car,job,this laptop i blog on,my Blackberry i keep in touch with my friends on,my makeup,my love, my freedom. Many people don't have that, people in Africa & other parts of the world have it way worse than me.

To be a woman is such a blessing, but there are some cultures that don't see it that way, they punish young girls & women. To think that many years ago Jesus suffered intolerable torture just so he could save us. When watching the film & watching him being beaten i cried, (yes even at work) because i seen all the pain, torture Jesus went through for lil ol me. So i can freely go to God & ask for forgiveness, to vent my pain & frustrations, to share my joys, thanks for my blessings, ask for answers and so on.

Do me a favor and watch Passion of the Christ, even if you watched it before. Really watch it, watch what they did to him, watch his strength, his faith, His sacrifice! This man had people beat him, spit on him,lie on him. But to him it was all okay, he was doing what HIS father requested, He sacrificed for YOU,ME, ALL of US. 

Look at your life and be thankful damn it. Regardless of what you have.
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John 15:18 " If the world hates you, you know that it hated me before it hated you.'

John 15:20 "  Remember the word that I said to you, " a servant is not greater than his master" If they persecuted Me, they will persecute you."

John 15:23 " He who hates me, hates my Father also."


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