March 20, 2013

How to Get the Most out of your Candles (DIY)

I know you have a few if not many candle jars around the house with wax still there yet the wick is so short you can barely light it & even if you did it wouldn't stay lit for long. Well I found a way to get the most out of your expensive candles.  You don't have to stop using the candle just because the wick is done! enjoy the pics down below.
Step 1: Take your candle that you want to use. ( This candle may look full but its not as you will see in the next photo. )

As you can see the candle doesn't burn evenly, just straight down the middle.
 Step 2: Take a candle warmer or wax melt warmer with a flat bed. This one cost me $8.99 on Amazon .com
 Step 3: Place candle on top of candle warmer & allow the wax to melt ( This also releases the fragrance of the candle just as good as the lighted wick does!)
 After some of the wax melts you will be able to see the middle of the candle & see the wick. 
 Step 4: Take tweezers or your fingers, (tweezers are less messy & you dont burn your fingers, even though the wax isnt boiling hot) & pick up the wick & throw away.

 Step 5: Then just let the candle melt away!, You can continue to use your candle for even a longer time & no more flames! You still get all the fragrance & get your whole monies worth. 
 Here is another candle I took the wick out of. 

So let me know if you have done this or if you think this is a good idea. I love this.. Lord knows I like to get my money's worth with my yummy candles!

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  1. I love doing this with my candles! I always try to keep a candle burning for a long time the first time I use it so that it reaches the edges (apparently when it does this, it will consistently go to the edges when you burn it again), but sometimes it just doesn't happen, so the candle warmer is great for using up the wax! Mine has a little dish up top which is great for wax tarts too =p


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