March 18, 2013

3/18/13 ( Shopping, Uno & Wedding Planning?)

Happy Monday everyone! How are you all? I hope you all are following on Bloglovin, You have about a good 3 months, but why not do it now?

Anyway our weekend was pretty wonderful. I am currently done with school so I didn't have to worry about trying to finish up work. Saturday my mother in law called us over to talk to us about what else? Wedding plans & married life.. She said she is getting up there ( she is in her 70's) & she wants to see her sons on their way. Not to mention Mr. Is the oldest son ( First Son) & he is the last to be married which in their culture is a big deal. So when I get married Ill be 1st daughter which carries some more weight & responsibility not to mention expectations in the family,  She said he has been courting me long enough & it time to make an honest woman out of me. lol he explained to her our plans & told her that he does want to marry me its just the means.... She then went on to say that we need to get the ball rolling. She told me to write a list of ppl I want there, venue, etc...

You would think I would get excited but I wasn't... I didn't feel pressure either.. I knew where she was coming from.. I understood it. but at the same time I was like " ummm where is the talk of an engagement?"  I am a romantic & if anything I want a romantic proposal....  We told her we wanted a small wedding & such.. They seem like they are going to help which is great but I will get  excited when Mr. gets down on one knee & asks me to be Mrs. A ...  but I am happy they brought it up.. He could get a nice little kick in the booty! lol

On Sunday  Mr. Got IHop for breakfast & I went shopping... I went to Victoria's Secret picked some things, ( which Ill be returning half of what I bought due to fitting) I also went to target & Whole Foods & Giant for food shopping. I picked up some more vitamins to help with skin & hair & with energy & some glucose tablets because my blood sugar has been dropping like crazy lately. I picked up some new pants for work,  I badly need, picked Mr. up some jeans from Old Navy. Chatted with my friend while shopping, parallel parked the heck outta my car, & went home with Noodles & Company where we ended the nite playing several games of UNO..  score? 6-5 he won by 1 game...  I also made a fresh batch of Laundry powder where you can learn how to make here.

Good weekend? No, Wonderful weekend.. Yes..

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