March 23, 2013

Sex,Women & this Culture just pisses me off sometimes

I swear.... I mean .... our older generation of women fought hard for respect & rights. Yet in our culture we subject ourselves to be sex objects willingly & we support brands & other crap that make us look like porn stars & tell us that we need to look like this or that. We have long running tv shows like The Newlywed game who over 90% of the questions asked pertain to sex & are sexual in nature, commercials that may look wholesome & innocent of course have sexual reference in it.  Chain restaurants are turning to have having girls dressed immodestly & skimpy to be waitress yet they claim ppl come for the "good food". These young women put themselves in a situation where mainly men comes & no hiding google you & "rape" you with their eyes, why? because we know men are visual & most women in this day in age are dumb asses & don't know their worth.

PHOTO: "Breastaurants," such as Twin Peaks, are bar and grill chains with busty waitresses.

 We are taught to think that its OK to show our bodies & sell our sex to get what we want & to sell good or services. That men are not Men , that they are weak & dumb & they don't deserve respect in anything pretty much.  Women are taught that "Independence"  as a women is key to ultimate happiness & that marriage & children are just accessories & they can come anytime & don't mean as much as a career. Women are taught that you have to be a size "0" to be considered sexy. We are taught that motherhood is scary, hard work & your life is over to the fact many young women don't want children, as we think our life is over if we have them . Women have become so Independent that they look down on men who try to be chivalrous & be a man. All we say is that " I am independent, I can do it on my own"  We complain about being sex objects yet we the first ones to be a groupie, to dress like a ho to sell burgers, to be in the music video & so on .

In out culture its more acceptable to work long hours, instead of being with our children after school.  We give our children phones at 9 years old because of whatever stupid reason yet get upset when they are "Sexting" with boys at school.  We are too afraid to be strict with our children & to be a PARENT so instead we all try to be their "Friend".  Men don't know how to be real men anymore. Family courts favor women wayy too much, to the point a crack headed momma can get Full custody of her children which she will never care for instead of the father who works hard & has to barely support himself because over half of his pay goes to child support that the momma just uses for her own selfish uses.

When we hear or see a man or women who likes being 'Tradtional" we think her husband or the man is being "controlling".  We enroll our little girls into dance class & allow them to dress VERY inappropriate & grownup while booty poppin on stage, yet we think " oh so cute!"  while  I am sure a pedophile is in the audience & happy that dumb parents who don't fully think of their actions put their 6 year old daughter in booty shorts & a bra .

 We  rob our children out of a childhood & expose them to  Adult situations when they really are not ready for it. We glamorize Teen pregnancy yet we call it " something to be educational & prevent" yet we pay the girls tons of money & watch them every week buy new cars, new phones, & move like money is not an issue. We hardly see them work  & when they do they quit jobs because they "feel like it"  We put ourselves on tv shows to show our ass & fight & bully other women , yet make videos  saying " I am against bullying"


We have websites that help you find someone to cheat on your husband or wife with. We say  its okay to cheat"  We shoot teens that " look suspicious" when they simply just hand the music up too loud or  just went up to the corner store to get skittles & Iced tea, yet because they were black &wore a hoodie they are dangerous.  We assume that anyone who "looks" or is Hispanic that they were not born here & thus  MUST speak Spanish & know every Spanish word including the bad ones.

I can go on & on, yet I wont..  I know not everyone will agree with me on this article but you know what? I don't care.. I don't care because its true.  I feel as a society that we don't care anymore about anything. Sometimes I just read & or look at an Ad on tv or article * get pissed off because I cant believe that we just let everything go.  I feel as though  I was born in the wrong generation.  If I lose you as a follower after reading this then that's fine... I really wont lose sleep at night, because you know what? This is MY blog & I Own it.  You have the right to your thoughts & feelings as do I.  Have a great day .  I do know that what I said "doesn't  apply to every women or man" etc..  but of course if your vain , I bet you think this post is about you..

Anyway thank you for reading & now back to our regular content.

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