February 19, 2013

2/19/13 ( You cooked it HOW?)

Hello all! I know its been a minute since I wrote... Ive been grinding away at school, as many of you know...

Anyway for the past several months I have been slowly changing our food.. like incorporating fresh veggies ( we love veggies anyway)  making daily Green Juice for us to drink. & Changing how I cook some foods.

It was so funny because one day I made pork chops for Mr.  He likes them Pan fried but all I do is broil them in the oven, I get the same result & he loves it. Well he didn't know until I mentioned it, when he found out he said " you mean to tell me you have been cooking my pork chops in a healthy way?" I said "yup"  he said " NO! I want the fatty way!, but then again they were pretty good, so go ahead & keep on" LMAO!

Ive also been switching up my cooking oil... we use canola oil which is okay but since I learned of the great healthy benefits of cooking with coconut oil & have been using that for cooking.. Again he was like " look , you cant be switching up cooking techniques on me" haha Im all like If you cant tell the difference what the problem!

Of course he doesn't have an issue, at the end of the day Mr. just likes to come home to a hot meal to eat.. & he eats whatever... lol Yes its also easier that we both like healthy foods.. I figure we ease onto healthier food changes & in the end it be better for us..  ya know? Ive also feel in love with Whole Foods as you may know, I just feel the quality of meat, veggie & fruit is better than reg stores. I don't mind paying a little more for better quality & healthier options to feed our little family ( yes him & I are a little family)

So what do you guys do? Do you try to make healthy choices for your family?


  1. I've been going to Whole Foods since I moved, and I've been loving it. You're right about the produce...its SO much fresher than at other groceries stores (not to mention the variety that's available) and every time I'm there they're always restocking. I was actually there yesterday and saw the coconut oil and was wondering what I could use it for if I ever got it...maybe I'll try it out for cooking! :)

    1. You can use it to replace just about any thing in cooking that is called for oil... it doesnt leave a coconutty taste or anything. It melts super fast & super healthy. Your right they are always restocking when I shop too. so friendly...

  2. So, I use coconut oil for hair and for my skin...but not for cooking. I've done my research on that and I know it's possible, but I don't like the taste of coconut!! What do you think of it's cooking capabilities?!

    P.S. - found you through GFC Blog Hop!!


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