February 22, 2013

2/22/2013 ( SO its a OFF week)

Some times you just have one of those days or weeks that is just so off, your off on everything. you just dont care, your tired & everything gets pushed to the side. Yea I am having one of those weeks.
I am getting my school SLOWLY done, some of it I just don't care... ugh... I hate just doing school this week. I am so tired! I'm just not getting enough sleep... PLUS i am in pain..

If you follow me on twitter you know that Monday I started a new workout, well it kicked my butt & my thighs became extremely sore...like so sore I can barely walk, hurts to touch, I HATE STAIRS ( so painful) I swear you don't realize how much you use a part of your body or realize what muscles you really use until you really cant use them.. we use our thigh muscles for so much!

So I've been doing Yoga stretching because I want to get some type of workout in, I mean I can barely walk how the heck can I workout? it feels good to stretch but so painful, I've been soaking in Epsom salt.. & resting.. My walking has become a little more fluid which is good & going to "sit down " & "Sit up" is a little less painful.  But hey "No pain , no gain" I guess although I'm not feeling that right now. But once I feel better I will be getting back to the workout.

I also ordered & got in my Nigerian Waist beads.. I was so excited to get them.. I found out the they are kind of big in the Nigerian  Yoruba  culture, which is exactly what Mr. is.  They have a wonderful meaning, ill do a post later.. Mr. was very excited to find out that I wanted to wear them..

I also got his Birthday gift in too , his Birthday is March 3rd & of course he will probably be getting it early... lol...  but i am excited to give it to him.. Ill be planning on what to do for him soon.

Anyway.. Ill go... Im tired, im typing this at work & I need to actually do work.. lol TTYL


  1. Last week was definitely my "off" week, so I'm hoping this one is better!

    I didn't work out at ALL last week so I really need to haha. Best of luck with the soreness...hope you feel better!


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