April 15, 2012


There is old wisdom in older generations. You just have to sit back and listen. Sometimes when i listen to the older generations it makes me rethink what i think about life, what i have been doing or so on. I'm not saying all advice from them is golden and true, but there are many things. I have noticed & discovered that i need to pay more attention to my Mr. 's mother. She is from Nigeria, she also has some expectations from her daughters ( daughter in laws) I admit i haven't paid much attention to the relationship between myself  & in laws but now i see i may have to.

His parents are important to him which i understand. I myself want him to get along with my mother & younger sisters so he can only expect for me to have the same things  with his family.  Its also a culture clash with us, being 2 different cultures.  I may not be as willing but i see now  that i need to be. If i plan on marrying into this family and taking on this name i should learn more about the family.

My thing is... i don't want them or the culture to overshadow my culture.


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