April 17, 2012


Sitting in my room, its all clean and smelling fresh, towels are washed & folded, although i still have a load or two more to do. The carpet is vacumed, & the Mr. is bringing dinner. Days like this is when i feel the most accomplished, i actually did something besides blog and sleep. I am coming to a state where i am enjoying taking care of my house, enjoying when the Mr. comes home to a nice clean house and hot dinner waiting.

On another note: Do you think that the state of your house reflects your mind state? like if your house is a mess then ,maybe your mind frame is a mess? I do , i really believe that its true. I know when i clean my house i feel so much better emotionally, i feel like i can really relax & de-stress.  I know i am not the neatest housekeeper, but i just don't understand how ppl can live in such a cluttered mess.

Random- Beautiful sunny days make me happy. ;)

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