April 12, 2012


Wreck my soul,mend my soul,kiss my soul. I need it , i need you. Hate you,love you, my life is all about you.  Cant you see that i need you to breathe,to live. I see all the good in you,your heart is my only safe place when the world is scary & mean. My warrior so strong,all blessings wrapped in one. My lover of my soul & heart, touch so gentle.

Get into my veins like a drug, hit me quick,last long. Fill my cup till it overflows. Understand im not perfect yet perfection befits me in your eyes. Like flowers that need the sun to grow i need you.  Like water humans need i need you. Tears come down when the thought of you leaving me comes to mind. Never leave me promise me. Let you generations come from my womb.  Flow through me like water.

Heaven must be you, God sculpted you. How senseless the world must be to not have you, not know the love you possess. A backbone looks like you.

Im  a mess without you.


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