September 17, 2013

To Courthouse or Not to Courthouse? (9/16/13)


When is the wedding?, How is dress shopping?, Have you found the venue?, Is it big or small?

These are wedding questions I have been getting and last week it seemed like every day I got a question about Mr A's & I's impending marriage..

I wanted to answer " why? are YOU paying for it?" or " Who says your invited?"  Dont get me wrong, I know ppl want to know because any wedding talk is exciting, but  man I realize now since I am a bride. Its pretty annoying. I can only imagine when  we have our first child.

Some friend's who ask, I don't mind because they hardly ever ask. But some ppl really get into it & act like they are being invited.  Frankly I dont really care to discuss with the majority of ppl for the fact I feel when you do & they dont get an invite , its a issue.   Or since you discuss it  with them , there is a obligation to invite them. ummm Hell No... got the wrong girl... PLUS... Its something I feel is INTIMATE & not for the world..

 So what IS going on with the wedding? ........ Well since I am sharing on my own will here is some updates...

There really has been NO Planning.... Like seriously........ No date, No Season... Nada.....

We have been having some more important things happening, plus like I have mentioned we plan on moving out of state so its kind of hard & null in-void to PLAN a wedding when you feel like your going to be moving a certain amount of months after the New Year.

Me?... I want a date, something ...... but here is the thing... I dont WANT  to plan a wedding... I dont WANT  bridesmaid's ( never really wanted them) I dont WANT all that hooplah and its INSANE for me to WANT to spend the money on a wedding when we have a bigger goal.

I dont want to stress the hell out over a day, on my side of the family I dont want many ppl, neither does he..

The "Courthouse" has been brought up several times, I admit  at first I said I would do it BUT I prefer a ceremony aka wedding whole shabbang according to our culture.  NOW.... considering what I REALLY want & reality.... I am leaning more towards the courthouse.


I admit, I didn't think a courthouse wedding was glamorous, or romantic. My mother got married at the City Hall, City Hall is like the stepchild of weddings.  But then I looked up Courthouse weddings..... I looked up stories....videos.... found more wedding sites with THOUSANDS of  brides who did it.... & it became beautiful & more suiting & perfect then I thought it would be...

I found many brides who still had a pro photographer, had a nice dinner with CLOSE fam & friends. Cute lil white dresses, the weddings were small, intimate & beautiful..

I was chatting with one of my Disney sisters ( best friend who I met working at Disney) & she & I was discussing how  its more about the MARRIAGE then a One day wedding ( in Western Cultures) , Its SO EASY to get caught up in & fall In love with the IDEA of a wedding..  I admit  Iam guilty of that... I am STOPPING that B.S.... its not reality.... Its not Mr. A & I..

He wants simple & only close fam & friends there.... He is right... I want ppl who TRULY supported US, who TRULY Love US.... Not seat fillers..

So will we do a courthouse? I cant say.... but you know what? next time if he asks.... I might just say yes.....

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