March 4, 2013

3/4/13 (Revamp)

Happy Monday..
So this past weekend, was Mr's birthday. It was pretty low key, we just went to his family house for dinner & to visit. I didn't get to make his cake but I will make it tomorrow.

I will be changing my blog look & name in the coming week or so.  The new Blog will be named "SheisSantana" Its been my twitter name for the longest while. Although I love Her untitled, I am changing. I feel this year is bringing change. This blog has been "Untitled" because I honestly didn't know what to name it.  I didnt feel connected to anything.  "SheisSantana" is who I am ... I am so many things & my name is one of them.

I plan on doing some changes & what not so just bear with me.  I would love to do like sponsors & blog swaps so let me know if yall are interested.

Major Transition is happening in my life & I would love to blog about it..... TTYL

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