April 9, 2012


Love/Hate relationships are hard.. they suck actually, suck, suck,suck. I have one with my father. I love the man even though i don't know all about him yet i love him to the core that i hate that too. I know we cant pick our fathers but sometimes i wish we did. I didn't even ask to be here but God felt that my presence was needed. The dumb thing is... i am like my father i a lot of ways... which isn't good either because i am like him in bad ways. The difference between us though is that i notice and i accept responsibility for this & i am working on changing it. Anyway i still pray for him even though its hard, i also try to pray for myself.

Back to the regular stuff this week, i was sick last week and although i am still getting over , i am feeling much better. I really want to push my self to workout everyday and not be lazy about it. I would like to try a few recipes that's if i have all the stuff to make it.  I pray that i get some more mark. orders. People are asking if i sell Avon but i ha vent yet. I enjoy the freedom i have with mark. no pressure ya know?

Totally random: I wish i had dog senses sometimes... they sense things before humans do!


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