April 3, 2012


Its Holy Week and we all should take this time to reflect on our blessings & the sacrifices that God made to give up his only son for us. I was thinking about this yesterday while laying down. 2 weeks ago i wanted to fast & pray through out Holy week but it didn't start out like that.

I am grateful ,grateful for all that i have, the Lord has blessed me so much and sometimes i forget that, i forget who made all that was possible for me to enjoy. My wonderful home, my wonderful Mr. , the food that i cook, the clothes that i have. God made that all possible for me. He made the biggest sacrifice for me, for us. We all should be thankful. At least once this week we should all sit back read some of our bible and pray and say thanks to God for all that he has given us.

Sometimes i look at my life currently and its hard for me to be happy about it, but then when i really look, i can see all of the possibility of my future, the grandness of it. I think or feel , wonder what kind of life it is for me, but then i am reminded of my purpose, as a woman. To be a wife, mother, to guide.  Life isn't all about clubs,partying, doing what every one else is doing. I think its about doing what God wants you to do & what you feel is right, finding your purpose in life that doesn't consist what the world says is right.


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