April 21, 2012


Friendships come and go and ours went right out the window. At times i admit that i think about our   friendship and wish it was still there. I miss your humor, laugh, the kind heart that i know you have. The good times. But then its tragically interrupted on how you did me wrong and how you felt that you could throw our friendship away.  Its cool, i ended up  being better off without you anyway.Now its straight business between me & you, you left hanging on my words that you wish i'd say but never do. To me no words should be formed towards you. I found more true friends that just wouldn't throw us away.

I hear that you miss me, when you speak my name & of me your voice carries the weight & guilt, the pain of losing us. Do i care? Hell no, more like fuck no. Yea i said it. What you did was messed up and even though at times i miss you, i move on.  The emotions vastly deteriorate....

The truth is..... I actually miss the friendship... screw you...


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