March 15, 2013

3/14/13 ( So many Changes to blogging)

Well this has been an interesting week........ First Google announces that GFC will shut down after July 1st , then the FTC releases new guidelines for bloggers concerning sponsored reviews, & also new info on hosting giveaways, contests & such . Wow...

What does this mean for me? Well if you didn't know I am a Beauty blogger & I work alot with companies.  Companies like to sponsor my posts, etc so this is important news. I need to make sure I am following the law & guidelines. As far GFC goes, I had a feeling as did so many of other bloggers. I mean over a year ago when it was declared Wordpress wouldn't have GFC anymore there was much speculation that GFC would go for blogger as well.  I knew it was coming... I have to admit GFC was one of the reasons I liked blogger, yet I don't see myself leaving blogger, personally it fits & I like the simpleness of it .

Its just that us as bloggers have to find new services that fit us best to transfer our feeds to & to where our readers can easily follow & read our posts, because we would hate to lose you! The most popular feed we are all transferring too, is Bloglovin. I have always had an account... Its easy & it easily transfers the blogs you follow to it from GFC... They are def getting big business right now.

So what do I offer? Well for  the time being I will be using Bloglovin & Hellocotton. I hope that my current followers will continue to follow through these platforms.. I am looking at few others but these 2 are easy & have so many that are already on it, it makes it easier to have something that ppl are already used too.

The links are down below, just click the buttons & I will try to included them in every post to make it easy for you guys..
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To my bloggers & readers.. how do these changes affect you?
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  1. Is it GFC that's leaving or just Google Reader? From everything I've heard (and read) it's just reader that's leaving us and no confirmation of GFC? It that's the case, lucky me I'm already on bloglovin! Good luck and following you on bloglovin now!


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